Haag-Streit BA 904

Portable Precision in Slit Lamp Microscopy
  • World-Class Optics: High-resolution Haag-Streit optics with 10x and optional 16x objectives.
  • Reliable and Accurate: Dioptic range of -8 to +8 and interpupillary range of 53 to 95 mm.
  • Wider Field of View: Fatigue-free viewing with superior optical clarity.
  • Portable Design: Ideal for examining patients who cannot use a standard slit lamp.
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The HAAG-STREIT BA 904 stands out as the only portable slit lamp incorporating high-quality Haag-Streit optics, renowned for their superior resolution and clarity. Equipped with 10x objectives as standard and optional 16x objectives, the BA 904 ensures detailed and accurate examinations.

This reliable and precise slit lamp features a dioptic range of -8 to +8 and an interpupillary range of 53 to 95 mm. Its wider field of view, compared to other portable slit lamps, provides a more comfortable, fatigue-free viewing experience for clinicians.

Designed for versatility, the BA 904 excels in hand-held operations, making it perfect for examining patients who cannot easily sit at a traditional slit lamp. Whether in ophthalmology, optometry, or veterinary clinics, the BA 904 is ideal for use with pediatric, wheelchair-bound, or bed-bound patients, offering high-quality examination capabilities in a portable format.