Haag-Streit Hi-R NEO 900

Precision and Versatility for Superior Surgical Visualization

The HAAG-STREIT Hi-R NEO 900 Operation Microscope sets the standard for first-class surgery, offering unparalleled visualization and versatility for precise surgical interventions. With its modular design and advanced optical features, this microscope provides surgeons with exceptional depth perception, red reflex enhancement, and co-observation capabilities.


  • Superior 3-dimensional vision for optimal judgment and treatment
  • Large stereo base of 25 mm for enhanced depth perception
  • Integrated red reflex enhancer for clear visualization during capsulorhexis and capsular bag polishing
  • Independent magnification changer and focusing device for the assistant scope
  • Modular design allows for easy configuration with optional accessories
  • Bright reflex for light hazard protection during low illumination
  • Adjustable red glow for optimal visualization during corneal surgery
  • Swiveling assistant scope for full stereoscopic vision
  • Comfortable eyepiece head with adjustable inclination and rotation



The HAAG-STREIT Hi-R NEO 900 Operation Microscope delivers unparalleled precision and versatility for surgical procedures. Its advanced optical features, including superior 3D vision and enhanced red reflex, ensure optimal visualization for critical surgical steps. With modular design and optional accessories, surgeons can customize the microscope to meet specific surgical needs, promoting cost efficiency and optimal patient care. Whether performing complex procedures or teaching surgical techniques, the Hi-R NEO 900 provides surgeons with the tools they need for success.