EMAGine C-Eye Procedure Kit

Simplifying Cross-Linking Treatment

Introducing the EMAGine C-Eye Procedure Kit, designed to streamline your cross-linking procedures with unparalleled efficiency. Featuring Ribo-Ker, our CE-marked riboflavin solution, this kit eliminates confusion by providing a one-fits-all solution for keratoconus and keratitis treatments.


  • CE marked
  • 0.1% hypo-osmolaric riboflavin
  • Imbibition time: 10 minutes
  • Suitable for epi-off and epi-on CXL applications, including iontophoresis
  • Ready for PACK-CXL applications
  • Compatible with normal thickness and thin corneas
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The EMAGine C-Eye Procedure Kit revolutionizes cross-linking treatment with its simplicity and effectiveness. With Ribo-Ker, our specially formulated riboflavin solution, clinicians can confidently perform a variety of CXL applications without the hassle of multiple product options. CE marked and suitable for various corneal conditions, this kit offers convenience and reliability for clinicians and patients alike

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