EMAGine C-Stand

Enhancing Cross-Linking in the Operating Room

Introducing the EMAGine C-Stand, your solution for performing corneal cross-linking in the laying position, ideal for operating room settings. With its secure magnet and fixating screw mechanism, the C-Stand ensures stable fixation of the C-Eye device, allowing for precise adjustments and optimal working distance.


  • Enables laying position cross-linking in the operating room
  • Secure magnet and fixating screw for stable device fixation
  • Adjustable arm for flexibility in positioning
  • Includes C-Focus prism for precise working distance determination
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The EMAGine C-Stand brings classic cross-linking into the operating room, offering stability and precision for optimal treatment outcomes. Its versatile design allows for easy adjustment of the C-Eye device, while the included C-Focus prism ensures accurate determination of the working distance. Designed for reliability and ease of use, the C-Stand enhances the cross-linking experience for both clinicians and patients.