Eyesi Indirect ROP Simulator

Training Simulator for Retinal Examinations on Preterm Infants

The Eyesi Indirect ROP Simulator is a high-fidelity mixed reality training tool designed to help ophthalmologists and retinal specialists develop the skills necessary for conducting retinal examinations on preterm infants. This simulator utilizes a binocular indirect ophthalmoscope to offer a comprehensive training experience, complete with a structured curriculum that includes both procedural and diagnostic components.

  • Realistic Simulation Environment:
    • Head-Mounted Display: Provides an immersive 3D simulation.
    • Patient Model Head: Includes realistic, pliable eyes for practice.
    • Optical Instruments: Mimics the use of lenses and scleral depressors.
  • Structured Curriculum:
    • Device Handling: Practice on basic operation techniques.
    • Retinal Anatomy: Introduction to the anatomy of the premature retina.
    • ROP Classification: Learning and exam modes for classifying retinopathy of prematurity.
    • Clinical Cases: Real patient case scenarios for examination practice.
  • Educational Tools:
    • Immediate Feedback: Real-time performance feedback.
    • Assessment: Detailed performance summaries.
    • Online Learning Resources: Access to VRmNet web portal for additional learning materials and software updates.


The Eyesi Indirect ROP Simulator is an advanced mixed reality training system designed for ophthalmologists and retinal specialists focusing on preterm infants’ retinal examinations. It combines a head-mounted stereo display with a realistic patient model to simulate lifelike examination scenarios. Trainees use actual ophthalmic tools like scleral depressors and lenses, enhancing their practical skills in a risk-free environment. The simulator includes a structured curriculum that covers device handling, retinal anatomy, and ROP classification, ensuring comprehensive training with real-time feedback and detailed performance assessments. This system is an essential tool for improving diagnostic accuracy and procedural proficiency in a controlled, immersive setting.

  • Comprehensive Training: Offers a full training course covering various aspects of retinal examinations.
  • Skill Development: Enhances fine motor skills and diagnostic accuracy.
  • Risk-Free Environment: Allows practice without any risk to real patients.

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