Eyesi Surgical

Advancing Intraocular Surgery Training

EYESI Surgical sets a new standard in intraocular surgery training, offering a high-end virtual reality simulator for cataract and vitreoretinal procedures. With its realistic simulation of surgical fields and life-like instruments, this platform provides trainees with an immersive learning experience, enhancing surgical skills without risk to patients.

EYESI Surgical revolutionizes intraocular surgery training with its advanced virtual reality technology and comprehensive curriculum. Trainees can practice a range of cataract and vitreoretinal procedures, from basic skills to complex surgeries, in a risk-free environment. With feedback and assessment mechanisms, educators and trainees can track progress and ensure proficiency. Whether mastering cataract techniques or honing vitreoretinal skills, EYESI Surgical offers a realistic and effective training solution for ophthalmologists and residents.


  • Virtual reality simulator for cataract and vitreoretinal surgery training
  • Highly realistic simulation of tissue interaction in real-time
  • Ready-to-go curriculum with step-by-step courses
  • Feedback and assessment for systematic skill improvement
  • Optional online courses on VRmNet web portal
  • Cataract surgery training modules for capsulorhexis, phaco, and complications management
  • Vitreoretinal surgery training modules for posterior segment procedures

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