Eyesi Direct

Revolutionizing Direct Ophthalmoscopy Training

Experience the future of direct ophthalmoscopy training with EYESI Direct. This innovative simulator offers a hands-on approach to teaching direct ophthalmoscopy, allowing students to examine virtual patients with diverse characteristics and conditions. With a built-in curriculum, findings library, and immersive training environment, EYESI Direct provides a comprehensive learning experience for aspiring ophthalmologists.


  • Hands-on simulation of direct ophthalmoscopy
  • Curriculum for self-guided learning
  • Findings library with detailed descriptions
  • Available in multiple languages: English, Chinese, French, and Spanish
  • Objective feedback and assessment for performance improvement
  • Immersive training environment with realistic patient interactions


EYESI Direct transforms direct ophthalmoscopy training with its immersive simulation technology and comprehensive curriculum. Students can practice examining virtual patients with various retinal conditions, receiving immediate feedback to enhance their skills. The built-in curriculum ensures structured learning, while the findings library serves as a valuable reference tool. With its user-friendly interface and realistic patient interactions, EYESI Direct revolutionizes the way ophthalmology students learn and master direct ophthalmoscopy.