Haag-Streit BI 900

Enhanced Slit Lamp Microscopy with Imaging Capabilities
  • Versatile Magnification: Default magnifications of 10x and 16x, extendable to 25x and 40x.
  • Fatigue-Free Examination: Maximised ocular view diameter for prolonged use.
  • Contrast Enhancement: Integrated yellow barrier filter for improved contrast in fluorescein applications.
  • Optional Imaging Set: Simplifies image capturing process with a compact imaging solution.
  • User-Friendly Design: Control panel located in front of joystick for convenient operation during examinations.
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The HAAG-STREIT BI 900 combines advanced slit lamp microscopy with imaging capabilities, offering enhanced versatility and ease of use for ophthalmic professionals. Equipped with a Kepler microscope, the BI 900 provides default magnifications of 10x and 16x, with the option to extend to 25x and 40x using optional eyepieces. The maximised diameter size of the ocular view ensures fatigue-free examination, even during long working days.

For improved contrast in fluorescein applications, the BI 900 features an integrated yellow barrier filter. This enhances visibility and facilitates more accurate diagnosis.

Additionally, the BI 900 offers an optional Imaging Set, providing a fully integrated compact imaging solution. Designed to simplify the image capturing process, this set streamlines workflow and enhances efficiency in clinical practice.

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