Medinstrus Refraction Unit ELITE

Advanced Refraction Unit with Motorized Features

The Medinstrus Refraction Unit Elite offers advanced features designed to enhance the efficiency and functionality of ophthalmic examinations. With a motorized sliding table top for two instruments, an elevating patient chair, and various integrated components, this unit provides versatility and convenience for clinical settings.


  • Motorized sliding table top for two instruments
  • Elevating table top and patient chair for adjustable positioning
  • Removable patient chair for wheelchair access
  • Integrated overhead LED lamp and support for chart projector
  • Adjustable power transformers for instruments
  • Chin rest support plates and safety switches
  • Optional accessories for additional instruments
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The Elite refraction unit combines advanced motorized features with ergonomic design to streamline ophthalmic examinations. With customizable options and safety features, it offers practical solutions for modern clinical environments.