Nidek OCT RS-3000 Advance 2

Enhanced Imaging Precision for Retina and Glaucoma Analysis

The NIDEK OCT RS-3000 Advance 2 ensures precise imaging for retina and glaucoma analysis. Key features include:

  • SLO-Based Eye Tracer: Real-time compensation for eye movement for accurate scans.
  • Selectable OCT Sensitivity: Allows B-scan image acquisition through media opacities.
  • Tracing HD: Accurate averaging of up to 120 images for enhanced clarity.
  • Glaucoma Analysis: Utilize the wide-area normative database for comprehensive assessment.
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The NIDEK OCT RS-3000 Advance 2 redefines imaging precision for retina and glaucoma analysis, incorporating innovative features to optimize diagnostic outcomes. Real-time compensation for eye movement through the SLO-based eye tracer ensures accurate scans, enhancing image quality and reproducibility. Additionally, the selectable OCT sensitivity enables the acquisition of B-scan images even through media opacities, expanding diagnostic capabilities.

With Tracing HD technology, the RS-3000 Advance 2 offers precise averaging of up to 120 images, resulting in exceptional clarity and detail. This device provides a comprehensive solution for glaucoma analysis, utilizing a wide-area normative database (9 x 9 mm) to facilitate comprehensive assessment and diagnosis.

Furthermore, the RS-3000 Advance 2 delivers high-resolution AngioScan OCT-Angiography images, enabling detailed visualization of vascular structures for enhanced diagnostic insights. Experience the next level of imaging precision and diagnostic accuracy with the NIDEK OCT RS-3000 Advance 2.

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