QuadrAspheric® Lens

Ideal for Pan Retinal Examination and Laser Treatment in Small Pupil

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The QuadrAspheric lens is the ultimate solution for wide field visualization up to the peripheral retina for diagnosis and treatment of peripheral retinal defects. Its unique design enables wide field visualization even through small pupils, making it crucial for evaluating and treating high-risk patients, such as those prone to angle closure and iris neovascularization, where dilation is to be avoided. The small pupil capability is particularly advantageous for geriatric populations with limited pupil response to dilation. Equipped with a large flange, the QuadrAspheric lens provides unmatched stability and control during laser procedures.

  • 120° / 144° field of view
  • 0.51x image magnification
  • 1.97x laser spot magnification
  • Available in Flange, no Flange and ANF+ contact options
  • Wide-field viewing of the retina and small-pupil capability
  • Ideal for detecting and treating mid to peripheral retinal abnormalities

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Flange, No Flange, ANF+Flange