Volk®1 Single-Use Indirect WideField Vitrectomy Lens with SSV (1 box of 10)

Indirect viewing and treatment of peripheral retinal disorders.
  • Compact, easy-to-use lens design made with lightweight, high-quality materials so you have the power of increased stability without worry of added weight or tilt.  
  • 106 degrees of visualization so you can uncover every detail of the periphery, even in complex cases. 
  • Self-stabilizing feet allow for the reduction of tools and hands needed, saving valuable time in the operating room. 
  • Contact lens design eliminates patient-to-patient variation on the cornea with our contact lens design. 
  • Powered by Volk’s unmatched Double Aspheric Lens Design for consistently sharp, distortion-free views. 




  • Lens: 19mm 
  • Ring Diameter: 21.1mm 
  • Contact Diameter: 16.1mm 
  • Focal Length: 6mm 



  • 0.55x Image magnification 
  • 127° (dynamic) | 106° (static) Field of View 
  • Ideal for retinal detachments, PVR, retinal tears


Primary Application: Indirect viewing and treatment of peripheral retinal disorders. Ideal for retinal detachments and retinal tears. 

With Volk’s unmatched clarity and pristine view beyond the ora serrata, you’re empowered to master even the most complex procedures. Don’t be confined by your tools. Every OR needs this lens 


See the Unseen 

Uphold your commitment to excellence with the highest quality visualization and uncover every detail with a wide field of view, essential for managing complex cases such as retinal detachments and hard to see tears. Put an end to being limited by your tools and unlock the views you need. 

The Best View, Every Time 

Harness the power of Volk’s Patented Double Aspheric Lens Design for distortion-free views that give you the clarity needed with unmatched quality every SINGLE time. With Volk1, experience pristine lenses with each and every procedure.  

Stability Meets Simplicity 

Self-stabilizing feet for greater stability and more confidence. Crafted in collaboration with Dr. KV Chalam, it’s your key to ultimate confidence in complicated cases, offering optimal space without instrument interference. 

Precision Matters 

Eliminate distortion and uncertainty due to corneal abnormalities or reflections with direct corneal placement regardless of patient-to-patient variation. Leave the concern for optical disturbances to us, allowing you to concentrate entirely on achieving surgical precision.