Fundus Laser Lens

Ideal for Direct Image Viewing and Treatment of the Posterior Pole

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Equipped with patented double-aspheric glass optics, Fundus Laser lens delivers unparalleled image enhancement, providing a clear and detailed view of the optic nerve head and macula. Experience superior high magnification capabilities that allow for precise examination and treatment. With its Laser Window technology, the Fundus Laser ensures optimal laser beam transmission while safeguarding the imaging element from contamination, guaranteeing precise laser spot placement.

  • Field of view: 35° / 40° (Fundus Laser), and 25° / 30° (Fundus Laser 20 mm)
  • Image magnification: 1.25x (Fundus Laser), and 1.44x (Fundus Laser 20 mm)
  • Laser spot magnification: 0.80x (Fundus Laser), and 0.70x (Fundus Laser 20 mm)
  • Large 20 mm contact element is designed to sit under the patient’s eyelid and provides superior stability during laser treatment

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