Haag-Streit BP 900 LED

Enhanced Microscopy for Routine Practice
  • Advanced Microscopy: Modern optical system for comprehensive applications.
  • Versatile Magnifications: Offers 10x, 16x, and 25x magnification options.
  • Imaging Capabilities: Equipped for capturing detailed images.
  • Optional Goldmann Tonometer: Gold standard for intraocular pressure measurement.
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The HAAG-STREIT BP 900 LED introduces advanced microscopy capabilities tailored for routine practice. Featuring a modern optical system, this slit lamp offers versatility and precision for comprehensive applications in ophthalmology. With magnification options of 10x, 16x, and 25x, practitioners can examine ocular structures with clarity and detail.

Equipped with imaging capabilities, the BP 900 LED allows for the capture of detailed images, facilitating documentation and analysis. For added diagnostic accuracy, practitioners have the option to integrate a Goldmann tonometer, renowned as the gold standard for intraocular pressure measurement, seamlessly into the system.

Designed to meet the demands of everyday practice, the HAAG-STREIT BP 900 LED combines advanced microscopy with user-friendly functionality, making it an indispensable tool for routine examinations and diagnostics.