Haag-Streit Surgical EIBOS 2

Fundus observation system with integrated inverter

The ophthalmoscope EIBOS 2 for OR microscopes is unique due to its outstanding conception and quality. With its integrated inverter the microsope remains short, and the system is easy to handle.

  • Simultaneous observation of fundus and incision area
  • Safe for patient’s eye by spring-loaded suspension
  • Slim body to allow much space for handling instruments
  • Fully centric mounting to allow rotation depending on ergonomical aspects
  • Internal focus ranging from the retina to the upper vitreous body
  • Autoclavable mounting, adapter, and drape for prism body
  • Swing-away position to minimize interference

Available lenses

For easy and secure exchange the lenses for the EIBOS 2 feature bayonet mounting. With the two available types macular as well as peripheral operations on the retina can be performed.

Type 90 D: for approx. 90° viewing angle

Type SPXL (132 D): for approx. 124° viewing angle


All-in-one: integrated focus & inverter

With EIBOS2, Haag-Streit provides an ergonomically designed non-contact wide angle ophthalmoscope for retina surgery. The focus mechanism and the inverter are integrated into the visualization system. The inverter body is extremely slim, which allows the surgeon, at low magnification, to simultaneously visualize the fundus and the incision area, upright in the same orientation.

Optimal workflow during surgery

Due to the integration of focus and inverter, the height of the EIBOS2 microscope has been minimized. Covered with a sterile drape, it easily flips down for the operation or away when not needed. Operation is convenient as the microscope is immediately focused on the cornea when the EIBOS 2 is flipped out of its working position.

Sharpness at your fingertips

Focus levers can be attached to both sides of the inverter body. Surgeons keep the surgical instruments in their hands and move the lever with a fingertip. The focus shifts from the fundus to the upper vitreous body and back. If focusing is done by the assistant, the round knobs may be used instead of the levers.

Optimal vision

Optimal vision in EIBOS 2 is achieved with a choice of ophthalmoscopic lenses. Two ophthalmoscopic lenses are available: 90 D for macular procedures and the SPXL with 132 D for a wide 124° viewing angle. The high-quality optics allow excellent vision to the periphery of the visual field. As an alternative to the sterilizable lenses, disposable ones are also available. Prepared for instant use without reconditioning, the workflow is highly improved. This saves valuable time and money in the daily routine. The sterilized E.DL disposable lenses provide the clear vision of a brand-new unused ophthalmoscopic lens for every surgery and secure working conditions in terms of infections for every patient .