Haag-Streit Eyestar 900

Eyestar 900: The Future of Eye Measurement and Imaging with Swept-Source OCT Technology

The Eyestar 900 by Haag-Streit introduces a new era in eye measurement, imaging, and diagnostics with its advanced swept-source OCT-based technology.

Key features include:

  • Swept-Source OCT Technology: Enables precise measurement and comprehensive imaging.
  • Complete Eye Analysis: Provides topographic and pachymetry maps of the cornea, anterior chamber, and lens.
  • Cornea-to-Retina Biometry: Ensures thorough assessment of the entire eye.
  • Enhanced Surgical Planning: Allows verification of measurements and identification of anatomical anomalies.
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Haag-Streit’s Eyestar 900 represents a groundbreaking advancement in eye measurement, imaging, and diagnostics with the introduction of its complete swept-source OCT-based eye analyzer. This cutting-edge device employs swept-source technology to deliver highly precise measurements and detailed topographic assessments of both the front and back surfaces of the cornea, the anterior chamber, and the lens. It also offers comprehensive imaging of these structures, as well as cornea-to-retina biometry of the entire eye.

The Eyestar 900’s imaging capabilities encompass the entire anterior chamber, including the crystalline lens, allowing users to easily verify measurements and detect anatomical anomalies that could impact planned surgical procedures. Detailed topographic maps of the anterior and posterior cornea, along with pachymetry maps, enable enhanced surgical planning and facilitate the assessment of patient suitability for specific interventions such as toric or multifocal intraocular lenses (IOLs).