Haag-Streit Lenstar LS-900

Comprehensive, Accurate, and Versatile Eye Biometry in One Device

The LENSTAR LS900® is an advanced all-in-one optical biometer offering comprehensive eye assessments in one measurement. Key features include:

  • Multi-functionality: Acts as a biometer, keratometer, pachymeter, pupillometer, and IOL calculator.
  • Precision: Provides up to nine accurate measurements, including lens thickness.
  • Advanced IOL Prediction: Integrates Hill-RBF Method, Olsen formula, and optional Toric Planner with Barrett Toric Calculator.
  • Post-Refractive Calculation: Features Shammas No-History, Masket, and Modified Masket methods for post-refractive IOL calculations.


The LENSTAR LS900® is a state-of-the-art optical biometer designed for comprehensive eye biometrics. It performs a complete assessment of the eye in a single measurement procedure, including lens thickness, anterior chamber depth, and retinal thickness. This all-in-one device functions as a biometer, keratometer, pachymeter, pupillometer, and IOL calculator, providing up to nine precise measurements with advanced laser optics. The LENSTAR LS900® integrates cutting-edge IOL prediction technologies, such as the Hill-RBF Method and Olsen formula, along with the optional Toric Planner featuring the Barrett Toric Calculator. These features ensure accurate IOL predictions for diverse patient needs. The unique T-Cone Toric Platform further enhances measurement and planning for toric IOLs. As the first optical biometer to accurately measure lens thickness paired with the Olsen IOL calculation formula, it guarantees premium IOL predictions for all eye types. Additionally, the LENSTAR LS900® simplifies post-refractive IOL calculations with the Shammas No-History, Masket, and Modified Masket methods, making it an indispensable tool for cataract surgeons handling post-refractive surgery patients.