Levo Nordic Venus SL-S/SL-C

Wheelchair-Friendly Table for Slit Lamp Use

The LEVO NORDIC VENUS SL-S/SL-C provides exceptional versatility with its wide height range, catering to both sitting and standing positions. Featuring recessed cables and beams, this wheelchair-friendly table is available in pure birch or white laminate, offering a clean and modern aesthetic. The SL-S and SL-C models are specifically designed for use with slit lamps, available in both straight and curved edge table-top options.


  • Height range from 61 to 127 cm for versatile positioning
  • Recessed cables and beams for a sleek appearance
  • Available in pure birch or white laminate
  • Designed for use with slit lamps
  • Standard sizes: 100 x 36 cm (SL-S), 100 x 42 cm (SL-C)
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The LEVO NORDIC VENUS SL-S/SL-C is the ideal choice for eye care practitioners seeking a versatile and functional table for slit lamp examinations. With its innovative design and customizable options, this table ensures optimal comfort and convenience in clinical practice.