Levo Nordic Venus Pro

Versatile Height-Adjustable Table for Eye Care

The LEVO NORDIC VENUS PRO offers versatility and functionality with its exceptional height range from 61 to 127 cm, catering to both sitting and standing positions. Designed and manufactured in Sweden, this wheelchair-friendly table features a sleek design with recessed cables and beams, available in pure birch or white laminate. The VENUS PRO model, with its increased depth, is specifically tailored for use with commonly used instruments in eye care practices

  • Height range from 61 to 127 cm for sitting and standing positions
  • Recessed cables and beams for a clean aesthetic
  • Available in pure birch or white laminate
  • Fully customizable based on individual requirements
  • Standard sizes: 100, 120, or 140 x 42 cm
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The LEVO NORDIC VENUS PRO combines Scandinavian design with practical functionality to meet the diverse needs of eye care practitioners. Whether used for examinations or procedures, this versatile table ensures ergonomic comfort and ease of use in any clinical setting.