Nidek Intelligent Blocker ICE Mini+

Effortless Precision Blocking in a Compact Package

The NIDEK Intelligent Blocker ICE Mini+ is a compact yet powerful solution for precision lens blocking. With just three manual steps, it streamlines the blocking process for quick and hassle-free operation. Its intuitive 8.4-inch color LCD touch panel provides a user-friendly interface for seamless navigation and control. Traced outlines and finished outlines of the lens are displayed in actual size, allowing for precise adjustments and customization. The touch panel also features a hole edit function, enabling users to digitally edit hole position information with the included stylus pen. Versatile network capability allows for seamless integration into existing networks for enhanced connectivity and workflow efficiency.

  • Quick and Easy Blocking: Complete blocking in just three manual steps for rapid operation.
  • User-friendly LCD Touch Panel: Intuitive 8.4-inch color display for effortless navigation and control.
  • Versatile Network Capability: Seamlessly integrate into existing networks for enhanced connectivity.
  • Hole Edit Function: Editable hole position information for precise customization.
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