Nidek Satellite Tracer LT-980

Precision Binocular Tracing for Perfect Fits

Experience unparalleled precision with the NIDEK Satellite Tracer LT-980. Our automatic 3D binocular tracing captures 1,000 points of reference per eye, ensuring a precise fit regardless of frame curvature. With features like variable fulcrum stylus and one-touch demo lens holder, this tracer offers convenience and accuracy in every measurement.


  • Automatic 3D binocular tracing
  • Variable fulcrum stylus
  • Integrated debris protection
  • One-touch demo lens holder
  • Built-in accessory storage space
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The NIDEK Satellite Tracer LT-980 combines advanced technology with user-friendly design to deliver precise measurements every time. Its automatic 3D binocular tracing ensures an accurate fit for any frame, while the variable fulcrum stylus maintains perpendicularity at any height. With convenient features like the one-touch demo lens holder and built-in accessory storage, the LT-980 streamlines the tracing process for optimal efficiency.

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