Nidek Echoscan US-4000

Advanced Three-in-One Ultrasound System
  • High-Quality Imaging: Scans 400 lines over 60° for accurate analysis.
  • Rapid Measurements: Axial length measurements and IOL calculations twice as fast.
  • Precise Pachymetry: Measures corneal thickness with ±5 μm accuracy.
  • Integrated System: Features B-scan, Biometer, and Pachymeter in one unit.
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The NIDEK ECHOSCAN US-4000 is an advanced ultrasound system that combines three essential diagnostic tools—B-scan, Biometer, and Pachymeter—into one compact unit. This device delivers high-quality images by scanning 400 lines over a 60° field, which is crucial for precise and detailed analysis.

Utilizing new algorithms, the ECHOSCAN US-4000 performs axial length measurements and intraocular lens (IOL) power calculations twice as fast as previous models. The pachymetry mode ensures accurate measurement of corneal thickness with a precision of ±5 μm, making it a reliable tool for various ophthalmic assessments.

This user-friendly system does not require a PC, featuring an internal printer for instant B-scan image printouts and a tiltable 8.4-inch XGA color LCD for easy operation. Additionally, the USB and LAN interfaces facilitate straightforward data storage and transfer.

Ideal for modern ophthalmic practices, the NIDEK ECHOSCAN US-4000 offers a comprehensive solution for high-precision diagnostic imaging and measurement, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in eye care. For more information or inquiries, please contact us.

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