Surgeon chair Carl Mk2 R5

Offers stable and comfortable support with Easy R5 armrests

The ”Easy” armrests R5 fits many surgical procedures where stable and comfortable armrests are desired and where the wrist pad has a wide range of movement.

The Carl Mk2 R5 surgeon chair is especially adapted for various types of microsurgery such as Eye, ENT, Neuro, Plastic, Dental and Robot Surgery.

  • Comfortable armrests with ball joints which are locked with a knob
  • Great accessibility for feet and equipment pedals through a uniquely designed undercarriage composing of three wheels
  • Convenient to move thanks to easy-rolling wheels and a stable parking position by an electric braking system
  • Easy to clean with smooth surfaces and encapsulated details
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Carl Mk2 is the second generation of Rini’s popular electrically operated surgeon chairs where a multitude of user feedback and new technology have been combined.

The goal has been to offer a quality chair for a different variety of microsurgery with high accessibility around the operator’s feet where pedals and other equipment are located.

The surgeon chair Carl Mk2 R5 with “Easy” armrests fits many surgical procedures where a stable and comfortable armrest is desired and where the wrist pad should have a wide range of motion.

The surgeon chair is easy to raise and lower electrically through buttons operated with the heels.

It has a stable parking mode which is controlled by an electric brake system that is activated on the side of the chair.

The wheel frame is equipped with a housing which facilitates effortless clean up. All in all, Carl Mk2 offers the surgeon a tailor-made work environment of the highest quality.