More Precise Hairline Setting:
The hairline of 0.25 mm increments is newly adopted, it is now easier to match the corneal reflection point. It is also possible to change to the 0.5 mm increments same as the previous model by setting the parameter.

Auto PD Calculation with One Measurement:
The PD is automatically calculated at a viewing point distance from 30 cm to infinity with one measurement in 0.1mm increments. The PM-700 can display 0.5 mm increments as the previous model (PM-600), depending on the customers’ needs.

Stability as Standard:
The main body is fixed by using a forehead arm that is fitted as standard to the PM-700 and it prevents the device from moving, which would effect the measurement.


  • More Precise Hairline Setting
  • Auto PD Calculation with One Measurement
  • Stability as Standard
  • Stable Grip Design
  • Long Life Power