28D ACS® BIO Lens

Ideal for Fundus Scanning

Make the most of fundus scanning with the 28D ACS® BIO Lens, which provides all the benefits of our standard 28D Fundus Scanning Lens as well as autoclave sterilization. Even in small pupil diagnosis and treatment, our advanced lens technology provides superior image quality. Its Permaview® glass is able to withstand repeated steam sterilizations, making it the perfect choice for surgical applications.

  • 53° / 69° field of view
  • 2.27x image magnification
  • 0.44x laser spot magnification
  • 33 mm working distance
  • Perfect balance of magnification and field of view for general diagnosis
  • Enables examination through small pupils
  • Autoclave steam sterilizable for easy cleaning
  • Also available in single use lens