Nidek Gonioscope GS-1

Revolutionary 360° Iridocorneal Angle Imaging

The NIDEK GONIOSCOPE GS-1 offers advanced 360° iridocorneal angle imaging with innovative features. Key aspects include:

  • Unique Multimirror Prism Lens: Sixteen optimized surfaces capture 360° in a single sequence.
  • Automated Angle Detection: Guides precise iridocorneal angle capture regardless of eye color.
  • Comprehensive Imaging: Composes linear and circular images of the iridocorneal angle.
  • Advanced Features: Includes “Stitching,” focus depth, GEL immersion examination, and data storage with report export.
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The NIDEK GONIOSCOPE GS-1 revolutionizes 360° iridocorneal angle imaging with advanced features and user-friendly design. Its unique multimirror prism lens, featuring sixteen optimized surfaces, captures a complete 360° view in one smooth sequence. Automated Angle Detection provides real-time guidance for accurate angle capture, recognizing angles regardless of eye color. The GS-1 composes linear and circular images of the iridocorneal angle structures for comprehensive analysis.

Innovative “Stitching” technology seamlessly combines images, while adjustable focus depth and GEL immersion examination enhance imaging clarity and accuracy. The GS-1 also offers robust data storage and easy report export, ensuring comprehensive and accessible patient records. Designed for precision and efficiency, the NIDEK GONIOSCOPE GS-1 provides eye care professionals with a cutting-edge solution for detailed iridocorneal angle imaging, improving diagnostic capabilities and patient care.

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