Nidek Specular Microscope CEM-530

Comprehensive Endothelial Imaging
  • Multi-Area Imaging: Central, paracentral, and peripheral specular microscopy.
  • User-Friendly Operation: 3-D auto tracking and auto shot functions.
  • Quick Analysis: Data analysis within 2 seconds.
  • Advanced Manual Functions: Combination of auto and manual analyses.
  • CEM Viewer Integration: Enhanced features with NAVIS-EX software.
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The NIDEK Specular Microscope CEM-530 offers a comprehensive approach to endothelial imaging with its ability to capture central, paracentral, and peripheral images. This multi-area specular microscopy provides a broader view for detailed morphological and quantitative evaluation of the endothelial layer and individual cells.

Designed for ease of use, the CEM-530 features 3-D auto tracking and auto shot functions, ensuring a smooth experience for both practitioners and patients. The quick data analysis, completed within 2 seconds, enhances patient flow and clinic efficiency.

This specular microscope combines automatic and manual analysis functions, providing flexibility and precision in evaluations. The CEM-530 also integrates with the CEM Viewer for NAVIS-EX software, offering additional advanced features for thorough examinations and data management.

With its advanced imaging capabilities and user-friendly design, the NIDEK Specular Microscope CEM-530 sets a new standard in endothelial evaluation.

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