Nidek Multifunction Edger ME-1500

Precision Lens Edging with Advanced Functionality

The NIDEK Multifunction Edger ME-1500 offers comprehensive technology for expert lens edging. Featuring automatic 3D drilling, it enables the creation of various hole shapes with precision and ease.

  • Automatic 3D drilling for versatile hole shapes
  • Customizable beveling options for perfect lens fit
  • User-friendly design with intuitive controls
  • Maximum Lens Size: ø67 mm (type PLB-8S), ø72 mm (type PLB-2R8S)
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The customizable beveling options ensure perfect lens fitting, with asymmetrical and mini beveling capabilities. Designed for efficiency, the ME-1500 boasts a user-friendly interface with a full-scale display and jog dial, making it suitable for both novice and experienced operators.

The distinctive design of the ME-1500 is in the pursuit of ergonomics and ease of use. A full-scale display and jog dial offer smooth data entry. The assistant functions make workflow more efficient, even for beginners.

Various hole shapes such as slots, notches, counterbored holes, and jewel holes can be performed. A maintenance message notifies operator when drill bit needs replacing. NIDEK’s unique front and rear independent grinding function offers a high base curve bevel with flawless results. The position and height of the bevel can also be manually controlled.