Nidek Multifunction Edger ME-900

Precision Crafting for Exceptional Lens Edging

Experience unparalleled versatility and precision with the NIDEK Multifunction Edger ME-900. Our advanced 3D drilling capability allows you to create intricate hole shapes effortlessly, while the grooving function ensures a flawless finish on any lens periphery. With independent grinding for front and rear surfaces, achieve high-curve bevels with pinpoint accuracy. Customize shapes effortlessly with the intuitive shape editor, and enjoy convenient operation via the 8.4-inch color touch panel.

  • Automatic 3D drilling and grooving
  • High base curve processing
  • Safety beveling
  • Advanced shape editor
  • User-friendly operation
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The NIDEK Multifunction Edger ME-900 redefines precision in lens edging. Its cutting-edge 3D drilling function empowers operators to create a myriad of hole shapes, from slots to countersunk holes, ensuring attractive lens peripheries regardless of shape or thickness. The independent grinding function delivers flawless high-curve bevels, while the advanced shape editor allows for effortless customization. With its intuitive interface and precise controls, the ME-900 guarantees exceptional results with every use.

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