Nidek Satellite Tracer LT-1200

Advanced Tracing for Seamless Operations

Elevate your tracing capabilities with the NIDEK Satellite Tracer LT-1200. Featuring automatic 3D binocular tracing and composite tracing, this tracer delivers precise measurements for every frame. Its multifunctionality as a lab tracer and web tracer ensures seamless integration with your workflow, while the advanced shape editor function allows for effortless customization.

  • Automatic 3D binocular tracing
  • Variable fulcrum stylus
  • Composite tracing
  • Advanced shape editor function
  • Multifunction lab tracer and web tracer
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The NIDEK Satellite Tracer LT-1200 redefines tracing with its advanced features and multifunctionality. From automatic 3D binocular tracing to composite tracing, it provides accurate measurements for any frame. Whether used as a lab tracer or web tracer, its seamless integration with LMS systems and remote operation capabilities streamline operations for maximum efficiency. With the added flexibility of the advanced shape editor function, the LT-1200 offers unmatched precision and customization options for all your tracing needs.

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