3-Mirror Lens

Ideal for Anterior, Peripheral and Equatorial Viewing

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Get the same views as our G-3 Gonio lenses, but with the added benefit of a light weight, acrylic design. The 3-Mirror Lens comes uncoated for diagnostic exams and coated for use with lasers, so you have more options to suit your practice. Our advanced no fluid (ANF+) flange option only needs a coupling fluid during laser treatments. The 3-Mirror Lens is truly flexible and convenient!

  • 60° / 66° / 76° mirror angles
  • 0.90x image magnification
  • 1.11x laser spot size
  • 3 mm (no flange) / 18 mm (ANF+) contact diameter
  • Uncoated lenses are great for diagnostic exams while coated lenses are perfect for laser treatments
  • Not recommended for SLT – we recommend the Volk Rapid SLT or SLT lens instead
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