Macula Plus® 5.5 Lens

Ultra-High Magnification View of the Central Retina

The Macula Plus® 5.5 Lens’ 5.5x magnification is the highest in the BIO lens range. It is ideal for examination of the optic disk and the macula.A double aspheric design provides excellent stereopsis for detecting subtle indications of retinal abnormalities, as well as for identifying macular abnormalities like age-related macular degeneration. As a result of its optical profile, this lens requires a longer working distance of 80mm from the patient, but an adapter is included to facilitate handling and stabilizing the lens.

  • 36° / 43° field of view
  • 50x image magnification
  • 18x laser spot magnification
  • 80mm working distance
  • Stunning stereo imaging for diagnosis of macular abnormalities
  • High magnification makes it easier to examine geriatric patients