CSO Osiris-T Corneal Topographer

Comprehensive Ocular Analysis for Accurate Diagnosis

The Osiris-T combines advanced corneal topography and total ocular aberrometry to provide essential insights into both low-order and complex ocular aberrations. Its unique pyramidal sensor design and high-resolution measurements ensure detailed and accurate evaluations.

  • Aberrometer:
    • Unique pyramidal sensor design.
    • Resolution of 45,000 points at maximum pupil diameter.
    • Real-time ocular wavefront measurement with a frame rate of up to 33 images per second.
    • Phoenix software for refractive error maps, PSF, MTF, and visual simulations.
  • Topographer:
    • 22-ring Placido disk reflection topography system.
    • Measurement of sagittal curvature, tangential curvature, elevation, and power maps.
    • Simplified diagnosis and follow-up of keratoconus with consolidated synthesis parameters.
  • Integration of Topography and Aberrometry:
    • Calculation of the internal wavefront component for comprehensive ocular analysis.
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The Osiris-T Corneal Topographer and Total Ocular Aberrometer is a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool designed for comprehensive ocular analysis. Its advanced aberrometer, featuring a unique pyramidal sensor design, measures aberrations with a remarkable resolution of 45,000 points at maximum pupil diameter and captures real-time ocular wavefront changes with a frame rate of up to 33 images per second. This high dynamic range allows clinicians to monitor power and aberration shifts as patients accommodate, providing invaluable insights for precise evaluations.

The integrated Phoenix software enhances diagnostic capabilities with a variety of analysis options, including refractive error maps and visual simulations such as Point Spread Function (PSF), Modulation Transfer Function (MTF), and convolution with optotype. These tools help clinicians better understand and explain patients’ visual issues.

The topographer component utilizes a reflection topography system with a 22-ring Placido disk to measure corneal morphology and refractive components through sagittal curvature, tangential curvature, elevation, and power maps. This integration simplifies the diagnosis and follow-up of conditions like keratoconus by offering consolidated synthesis parameters.

The combined data from topography and aberrometry enable the calculation of the internal wavefront component, providing a complete picture of both corneal and internal ocular aberrations.

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