Visionix VX120+

Multifunctional platform, diagnostic device for the anterior chamber

A device for you to take care of the visual health of all your patients. The screening services provided by the VX 120+ give you the opportunity to alert your patients of pathologies like glaucoma, cataracts, keratoconus, as well as correcting vision defects including those affecting night vision, and in so doing complete the panel of services that you offer as an optician / optometrist. Earning client loyalty through competent care and good relationships becomes easier. By giving the client more time, with more information about their visual health, they will naturally recognise your long-term added value.

  • You will improve your daily practice
  • You will provide better service and create differentiation
  • You will have more patients and have the opportunity to sell night glasses
  • You will receive better trust and an enhanced reputation