CSO Osiris Aberrometer

Advanced Aberrometry for Comprehensive Ocular Analysis

The CSO Osiris Aberrometer is a cutting-edge device designed to measure both low-order and complex high-order ocular aberrations with high resolution and real-time capabilities, ensuring accurate and thorough patient evaluations.

  • Measures both low-order and complex high-order ocular aberrations.
  • High resolution with 45,000 points at maximum pupil diameter.
  • Real-time wavefront analysis at 33 images per second.
  • Pyramidal sensor for dynamic measurement during accommodation.
  • Essential for comprehensive evaluation of complex visual defects
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The CSO Osiris Aberrometer sets a new standard in ocular diagnostics by offering precise measurements of both standard refraction and high-order aberrations. This advanced aberrometer is essential for evaluating patients with complex visual defects beyond traditional low-order aberrations. Its unique design, incorporating a pyramidal sensor, enables it to achieve a resolution of 45,000 points at the maximum pupil diameter, ensuring highly detailed and accurate assessments.

The Osiris Aberrometer excels in real-time wavefront analysis, capturing up to 33 images per second. This capability allows clinicians to observe and measure changes in ocular power and aberrations dynamically as the patient accommodates, providing invaluable insights for a more comprehensive evaluation.

Key features of the Osiris Aberrometer include a wide dynamic range and the ability to perform detailed analyses of the total wavefront. This makes it an indispensable tool for advanced eye care, ensuring that both standard and complex aberrations are thoroughly evaluated and understood.