CSO Polaris

Advanced Tear Film and Corneal Analysis
  • Universal Compatibility: Mounts on any brand of slit lamp.
  • Tear Film Analysis: Interferometric examination of the lipid layer.
  • Corneal Profile Assessment: Projects concentric rings for keratoscopy.
  • Phoenix Software Integration: Enables detailed analysis and data management.
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The CSO Polaris is an innovative accessory designed to enhance slit lamp capabilities for advanced tear film and corneal analysis. Compatible with any brand of slit lamp, Polaris seamlessly integrates with existing equipment, offering enhanced diagnostic functionality. It operates through the Phoenix software or directly through the microscope, providing flexibility in usage.

Polaris excels in interferometric examination of the tear film’s lipid layer. By focusing the biomicroscope on the tear film and allowing the diffused light image projected by Polaris to remain out of focus, practitioners can assess the thickness and regularity of the lipid layer. The lipid layer may appear in various forms, such as amorphous structures, marble appearances, wavy patterns, or as interference fringes in colors like yellow, brown, blue, or reddish.

Additionally, Polaris aids in assessing the regularity of the corneal profile. By inserting specific grids inside the internal cylinder of the instrument, concentric rings are projected onto the cornea. A regular corneal surface will display evenly spaced rings, while any surface irregularities will be reflected as distortions in the ring pattern.