DOC Classic

Mobile Surgery Chair for Eye, Nose, Ear, Mouth, and Face Procedures

The DOC Classic is a dynamic operating chair and table designed for day surgery treatments, offering high patient comfort and operational efficiency.

  • Mobility: Central 5th wheel with electromechanical brakes
  • Height Adjustment: Electric with customizable settings
  • Safety Features: Manual brake override, safety locking mechanism, fully sealed hand control
  • Load Capacity: High weight tolerance for various patient needs
  • Adjustability: Multiple positions for patient comfort and surgical access
  • Hygiene: Sealed controls to minimize infection risk


The DOC Classic is tailored for ophthalmology, ENT, oral, and plastic surgeries. It allows seamless patient transitions from the Day Surgery Unit to the operating theatre, maximizing facility utilization. The chair offers an ergonomic design, central 5th wheel, electromechanical braking system, and intuitive height and position adjustments for optimal patient and operator comfort.

  • Multifunctional design for various surgical procedures
  • Eliminates manual handling and back injury risks for clinical staff
  • Enhances patient flow and reduces operating costsThe DOC.

Dynamic Operating Chair is both an operating chair and table and was developed specifically for day surgery treatment. This unique product saves time; eliminates manual handling and the risk of back injury to clinical personnel, it offers a very high level of patient comfort and equally importantly reduces operating costs by improving efficiency.