Nidek Intelligent Blocker ICE-900

Accelerating Productivity with Precision Blocking

The NIDEK Intelligent Blocker ICE-900 introduces a new era of lens blocking, combining motorized precision with rapid productivity to streamline operations like never before. With its motor drive blocking feature, the ICE-900 revolutionizes the lens blocking process, completing each block in just two seconds, significantly enhancing workflow efficiency and output.

  • Motor Drive Blocking: Complete lens blocking in just two seconds, revolutionizing productivity.
  • Quick Twin Jog Dials: Streamlined operations with comfortable and rapid adjustment controls.
  • Tiltable Display: Enhanced flexibility with four adjustable display angles for optimal viewing.
  • Integrated Shape Imager: Automatic detection of pattern, demo lens, holes, and horizontal axis for precise blocking.
  • Partial Step Measurement: Comprehensive functionality for accurate customization and measurement.
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Operators can now experience unparalleled ease and comfort during operations, thanks to the ICE-900’s twin jog dials, which enable quick and precise adjustments with minimal effort. The display’s flexibility adds another layer of convenience, offering four adjustable angles for optimal viewing, ensuring comfort and convenience during extended usage.

Equipped with an integrated shape imager, the ICE-900 takes automation to the next level by automatically detecting patterns, demo lenses, holes, and horizontal axes, facilitating precise and error-free blocking. This advanced feature eliminates manual intervention, saving valuable time and enhancing accuracy.

In addition to its cutting-edge features, the ICE-900 boasts partial step measurement functionality, providing operators with comprehensive tools for accurate customization and measurement. Whether shaping lenses or adjusting parameters, the ICE-900 offers unmatched precision and versatility, empowering users to achieve optimal results with every task.

Experience the future of lens blocking with the NIDEK Intelligent Blocker ICE-900. For inquiries or more information, please contact us.