Nidek Intelligent Blocker ICE-1

Mastering the Art of Comfortable and Accurate Lens Blocking

The NIDEK Intelligent Blocker ICE-1 redefines the paradigm of lens blocking, combining effortless operation with unparalleled precision. Featuring a sensible mechanical design, operators can now confirm lens shape and data images simultaneously, enhancing workflow efficiency and accuracy. The large 8.4-inch color LCD touch screen provides real-scale lens shape and layout information with high visibility contrast, ensuring optimal visualization during the blocking process.

  • Sensible Mechanical Design: Confirm lens shape and data images simultaneously for enhanced efficiency.
  • One Touch Blocking: Quick, accurate, and comfortable blocking with just a single finger.
  • Flexible Lens Stage: Stabilized lens position to prevent sliding or movement during blocking.
  • Shape Imager Function: Detects outer shape of demo lens or pattern for precise editing.
  • Data Management: Easy storage and accessibility for accessories; intuitive operation via stylus pen and numeric keys.
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ICE-1, blocking becomes a breeze with its one-touch functionality. A single finger is all that is required to perform accurate, quick, and comfortable blocking, eliminating the need for extra pressure or effort. Equipped with two types of lens tables—standard and mini-size—the ICE-1 offers versatility to accommodate various lens sizes. The flexible lens stage further enhances stability by oscillating to maintain the front base curve of the lens at the optimal horizontal position, preventing sliding or movement during the blocking process.

Empowering operators with advanced functionalities, the ICE-1 incorporates a shape imager function that can detect the outer shape of a demo lens or pattern, facilitating precise editing. The intuitive interface, coupled with comfortable operation using a stylus pen and numeric keys, enables easy hole and lens shape editing, ensuring seamless customization according to specific requirements.

For enhanced data management, the ICE-1 provides ample storage space for accessories, designed for easy accessibility and organization. Whether it’s shaping lenses or managing data, the ICE-1 delivers unparalleled efficiency and accuracy, setting a new standard in lens blocking technology.