Nidek Intelligent Blocker ICE-1500

Masterpiece in Lens Blocking Technology

The NIDEK Intelligent Blocker ICE-1500 redefines precision in lens blocking technology, offering effortless and accurate lens blocking for ophthalmic practices. Featuring the ALM (Automatic Lens Measurement) function, operators can now block single vision lenses without the need for manual marking. With four measurement methods available, each lens type can be accurately assessed, ensuring optimal blocking results. This exceptional ingenuity allows for quick and accurate automatic blocking without compromising precision

  • Automatic Lens Measurement: No need for marking; four measurement methods available.
  • Exceptional Ingenuity: Quick and accurate automatic blocking without compromising precision.
  • Shape Imager Function: Precise digitization of lens shape and hole detection for rimless frames.
  • Multicolor Display: 8.4-inch display for lens shape and layout information in actual size.
  • Easy Operation: Functions represented with intuitive icons; easy creation of special functions with stylus pen.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Accurate measurement of various frame styles, including high-wrap curve frames.
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Designed for ease of use, the ICE-1500 incorporates a flexible lens clamp mechanism that stabilizes the lens surface with optimal pressure, ensuring parallax-free blocking. The shape imager function provides precise digitization of lens shape and hole detection for rimless frames, while measurements of partial step and design cut features are readily available. The 8.4-inch multicolor display showcases lens shape and layout information in actual size, with functions represented by easy-to-understand icons for simple operation.

With the ICE-1500, creating special functions such as design cut, facet, and partial step is effortless, thanks to the stylus pen interface. Each screen can be magnified for easy viewing of the lens shape being created, enhancing accuracy and efficiency. The variable fulcrum-stylus mechanism ensures accurate measurement of a wide array of frames, including high-wrap curve frames, making it a versatile solution for diverse ophthalmic practices.

For precision lens blocking that exceeds expectations, the NIDEK Intelligent Blocker ICE-1500 stands as a masterpiece in blocking technology, offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency

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