Nidek Patternless Edger Lexce Trend

Precision Drilling, Seamless Finishing

Elevate your lens edging experience with the NIDEK Patternless Edger Lexce Trend. Boasting 5-axis control for optimal drilling precision, along with precise grooving and safety beveling, this edger ensures impeccable results on any lens. The integrated imager simplifies data acquisition, while the selectable user interface enhances operational efficiency.

The NIDEK Patternless Edger Lexce Trend sets a new standard in lens edging technology. Its 5-axis drilling mechanism delivers unparalleled precision, while the integrated imager simplifies data acquisition for seamless operation. From precise grooving to high-quality finishing, this edger offers versatility and reliability in every aspect of lens processing.

  • Exceptional 5-axis drilling control
  • Integrated imager for precise tracing
  • High-quality finishing
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Versatile configurations
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